Whether you do it before wearing your wedding dress

Whether you do it before wearing your wedding dress or having launched the bouquet of peonies to your friends, furnishing your home is the time when you are testing the couple's understanding and even your nerves! It often happens that cohabitation precedes marriage; other more traditional couples decide to go to live together only after being married: in this case, better furnish a house in advance of the wedding, to avoid concentrating confusion and anxiety in a single period. Better to take the time it takes to choose the kitchen and only at home furnished, go and look for dress and bridal bouquets.
1. You thought you could furnish everything immediately
Moving, arranging, making the home cozy. Does it seem to you to be a natural process? Mistaken! You will have too many things to fix and the closets will always be too few to make us all! And then a room will not be just as you expected and all this because you get an idea, maybe even designed and transferred on paper Gillne, without taking into account that the colors, materials, fabrics, brightness and size will be be very very different.

But be careful not to be too focused on the particular. It's like when you order the floral decorations or the bouquet of flowers for the wedding and you see deliver a flower of a shade slightly different from what you expected: life is made of shades, which sometimes may not seem right, but that overall they are divinely! So remember this mantra ... "No stress"!
2. You were thinking of spending a little less

You have planned everything and you believed to have taken account of the unexpected, yet you find yourself having spent much more than what you expected! Remember that as you can keep your marriage budget under control with the appropriate tools, like this one, it is good to have a suitable planner even for household expenses.

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