effect will make your super-envied women's wedding dress

When you receive a wedding, many things will happen in your head. You will immediately ask how to make a couple's wedding gift and you will start thinking about elegant shoes to wear for the occasion. What you probably will not give, it will be your behavior on your wedding day Gillne.com, because it is not something you can buy. An advice? Imagine how your ideal host should be if it were your turn to marry you, beyond the ceremony dress you should wear. If you still have doubts, read on: we present the identikit of the perfect wedding guest, with all the secrets to match him.
Call for excesses
Both in clothing and in ways, the perfect wedding guest is discreet and elegant. Celebrate the newlyweds with a loud voice, but do not cry out in vulgarity. Take pictures with them, but do not intrude on them just for the sake of making a goliardata. Finally, do not wear a long white dress if you are an invited women: it would only give the impression of an affront to the bride, to whom this outfit is rightfully entitled.
If you really can not help but buy that dress so beautiful that fits you beautifully even if you are aware of the fact that it could be a bit 'too much, do it at least with a colorful dress, tight or low-necked ... but remember: modesty and good taste can be more sexy than a gap that leaves discovered half a meter of thigh. To be honest, true elegance emerges from the small details and this will be the reason why that embroidery on the décolleté that creates a "see-I do not see" effect will make your super-envied women's wedding dress, without being vulgar.

Be on time

The perfect wedding guest is always on time and you do not even miss a phase of marriage. To be like him, you will have to follow some simple rules dictated by the etiquette: being present in the church for the bride's entry, participating in the launch of the rice when they come out for the first time together, arriving before them at the location to welcome them with applause a hug.

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