allow it rather on your wedding day to avoid smudging

To avoid
Be thrifty with waterproof mascara because it weakens and damages your eyelashes: allow it rather on your wedding day to avoid smudging in moments of emotion; for the same reason, avoid abusing with the use of false eyelashes.
Narrow lips
They all dream of turgid and fleshy lips but not always the reality corresponds to the imagination, which is why a professional make-up will help you get a perfect result for the wedding. Remember to moisturize your lips in the months leading up to the big day, apply a volumizing primer effect lip pumper and prefer gloss gloss with creamy textures that reflect light.
Colizzi Photographers
Matte and dull lipsticks are actually your worst enemies because their dry consistency will make your lips dry and make them seem smaller and more tight. Also Gillne, if you think of a change look for the cake cut with a strong lip color, we suggest you to focus on a new side bride hairstyle rather than a new lipstick: the dark colors, in fact, will accentuate the idea of flatness, hiding the the typical volumizing effect of a gloss with nude or soft nuances.

Oily skin

The aesthetic treatments to counteract the oily skin incorporate a series of measures ranging from simple facial cleansing to the careful selection of moisturizers and appropriate tricks. The main characteristic of this skin imperfection is the tendency to become shiny and oily, transforming the makeup into patches and folds where a greater quantity of eyeshadow, earth and foundation flows.

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