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effect will make your super-envied women's wedding dress

When you receive a wedding, many things will happen in your head. You will immediately ask how to make a couple's wedding gift and you will start thinking about elegant shoes to wear for the occasion. What you probably will not give, it will be your behavior on your wedding day Gillne.com, because it is not something you can buy. An advice? Imagine how your ideal host should be if it were your turn to marry you, beyond the ceremony dress you should wear.…


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allow it rather on your wedding day to avoid smudging

To avoid

Be thrifty with waterproof mascara because it weakens and damages your eyelashes: allow it rather on your wedding day to avoid smudging in moments of emotion; for the same reason, avoid abusing with the use of false eyelashes.

Narrow lips

They all dream of turgid and fleshy lips but not always the reality corresponds to the imagination, which is why a professional make-up will help you get a perfect result for the wedding. Remember to moisturize your lips in the…


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